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Pathanjali yoga mandiram and Pathanjali yoga university, Vishraanthi yoga, Palani, Tamilnadu, India

Yoga for Students


Introduction - Yoga for students

To attain a hyper acute conscious stage and an absolute memory.

To improve concentration, grasping ability, mental Xeroxing, mind convexing ability, recalling ability and memory, attaining an absolute smrithi (memory)

1. Disease
2. Mental suppression (Nervous weakness)
3. Doubt
4. Lack of concentration
5. Laziness
6. Sensual enjoyments
7. Misunderstanding
8. Not attaining the hyper acute conscious stage
9. A self insufficient satisfaction

1. Yogasanas (Students pentas) only five asanas to improve blood circulation in brain cells (Postures)
2. Pranayama (breathe regulation) to improve mind focusing 3. Meditation for absolute memory (A hyper acute conscious stage)

Types of memory
1. Permanent memory – Speakers
2. Temporary memory
3. Good memory – Writers, Actors
4. Working memory
5. Episodic memory
6. Semantic memory – Hereditary memory
7. Need memory or Autistic memory
8. Automatic memory – Daily Activities
9. Unique memory
10. Social memory