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Pathanjali yoga mandiram and Pathanjali yoga university, Vishraanthi yoga, Palani, Tamilnadu, India

Siddhar Research Center India

Siddhar Research Center, India

Charity Show 2013

The trust invites and guides siddhar researchers on 18 siddhas, siddha philosophies, siddha art of divining, aushadhams on siddhas, deathlessness, postponing the ageing process, excellent control over the mind and death, oli udal (light body) tehigal, respiration through sweat pores, hair follicles, birth star, rasi and lagna related fortune siddhar samadhis for tosha nivarthi, siddhar jeeva samadhis and its hidden treasures, aura body siddhis, extra soul association, talk with souls (departed life forces), energy levels, super natural powers and all other divine objects and subject related to siddhars.

Also the trust invites researchers on suddha deha, pranava deha, marul deha, irul deha and ugganaddha.