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Universal Prayer Tapovan


Universal Prayer Tapovan

This is an Universal Prayer (Prarthana) Tapovan for the individuals, groups, families, corporates, politicians, peoples of all castes and creeds etc.

"I came to this world to propagate prarthana
I came to this world to propagate love, compassion and sneham through prayer"
- Jesus Christ and Babaji


Prayer Brings Victory
We pray for your well being, please send your E-mails, letters and etc. Prayers on every full moon day, and auspicious occasions like Birthday, Marriage day, Admission day, Employment day are the days for group prayer. We pray for your days to be blessed.

"Those who call me in the woe hours of morning (Brahmma Muhurtham 3.30 AM to 6.00 AM) will find me and
I give my ears to them"
- Babaji


We pray for you in the Brahmma Muhurtham. Fill the prayer form and send it to us